Thank You to the FuelEnergizer team!
My normal consumption on my Mercedes C180 use to be 11,23km/L . I have been using FuelEnergizer for 6 months now , and recently achieved 15.16 km/L which is a 35% saving and gives me 255 Km more per tank on 65L. Excellent Product , Well done!
Werner Wilken

I have used FuelEnergizer since February 2011, and more than 70 000 test kilometers. My Audi A4 1.8 petrol fuel injection had a historical baseline performance of 11.93 km/l and now with FuelEnergizer it is 13.34 km/l. That is a solid saving of 11.8 %, with a standard engine and exhaust. I also have the peace of mind that fuel treated FuelEnergizer exceeds all local fuel standards by far.
Anton van der Merwe - 082 782 1907.

Ek was aanvanklik baie skepties oor FE aangesien daar al baie soortgelyke produkte op die mark was, na n jaar se gebruik van FE waar ek dit in verskillende omstandighede getoets het, is ek baie tevrede met die besparing en gladde werkverigting van die engine. Brandstof verbruik is van n algemene 9.8l\km op na 11.2 l\km.
Johan Marniwick – Meganiese Ingenieur

We have been using Fuelenergizer for the last two years with great success. The additive is mixed into our bulk diesel and used on 50 different vehicles. We have constantly been getting savings of up to 12% across the fleet. Acording to our vehicle service and repair history, the Fuelenergizer additive had no negative effect on the vehicle engines and fuel systems.
Cornel Nortje, Manager-Projects, Layisa Logistics

Fuelenergizer word oor n vloot van 30 voeruie gebruik en n gemiddelde besparing van 11% is verkry. Ons is baie tevrede met die resultate en kan dit aanbeveel.
Hanver de Lange, Blocon Konstruksie

The average fuel consumption before the test was on 10 kilometres per litre and after the test phase were 12.31 kilometres per litre.
The cost per kilometre before the test was ..99c per kilometre and was reduced to .88c per kilometre with a saving of .11c per kilometre.
In summary FUELENERGIZER will offer a 19% saving on kilometres per litre.
And 11% on rand and cent cost at current fuel price.
Russell du Bois |Fleet Manager Assistant | Fidelity Security Services

I have been using FuelEnergizer since March 2012. My average savings on my Toyota Fortuner (4 liter petrol) is between 15 – 17%. I’ve tried others, but this works best so far.
Bob Drage, Pretoria East.